Friday, January 15, 2021

Doping with Deer Antlers




Parks and Recreation: The Benefits are Endless!

But to name a few… Be happier, and feel great! There is no greater opportunity for people to experience self-actualization and the spiritual renewal, creative expression,...

Monosodium Glutamate or MSG: What’s the Big Deal?

Is MSG harmful to the human body?  What does it do for and to the human body?  To answer these questions one first must...

Are Nutritional Deficiencies Causing Your Anxiety?

Human beings have the ability to think and plan for the future. With this ability comes anxiety- the worry about the future. Therefore, this...

Nutrition is Key to Excelling in Hockey, Sports

It takes a lot of hard work to excel at the sport of hockey. If an athlete wants to excel on the ice, then...

Your Bad NFL Team is Making You Fat

You may want to be careful who you root for in NFL football. Back a losing team and watch how much fatter you’ll get. That’s the...

Eat Bugs for Bulk

It used to be that consuming buffalo meat was considered exotic. Then over time other animals started appearing on U.S. plates. Fare such as...

Qatar’s National Sport Day to Feature Weight Losing Competition

Qatar's National Sport Day, due to take place later this month, will feature the launch of a new, countrywide weight losing competition designed to...

America — Land of the Free and Home of the Obese

Americans are inundated with information about how we have become a physically unfit nation.  Even though our life expectancies have not fallen, we are...

USA Allowed to Keep Athens 2004 4x400m Relay Gold Medals Despite Drugs Admission

The United States has been allowed to keep the gold medals they won in the women's 4x400 meters relay at Athens 2004, despite one...

Stay Healthy This Holiday Season With Exercise, Smart Food Choices

(Editor’s Note.  All of us worry about putting on pounds during the time from Thanksgiving through the New Year’s celebrations.  Here is a piece...
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