Finding a Gym to Fit Your Vibe

By Dr. Sandra Geringer | In my previous post, I mentioned that I was participating in a Six-Weeks to...

Boxing for Stress Relief

By Dr. Tomi Wahlström | I have always loved boxing. However, I have never really wanted to get into it...

A New Year… A New You?

By Dr. Sandra Geringer | How are those New Year’s resolutions going for everybody? Yes, I am one...

Fitness Trends for the New Year

By Robert Herron, MA, CSCS*D, ACSM-CEP | A New Year provides a fresh opportunity for people to embark...

Should Pitchers Use Weighted Ball Training Methods?

By Alex Ling | Throughout baseball, the one thing that has come to the forefront of the baseball...

Your Physiologic Individuality – the Future of Personalized Fitness

By Brian Wallace, Ph.D., FACSM | Over the decades, nutrition and exercise have emerged as the quintessential strategies for improving health and fitness while setting...

Master Personal Trainer Fairfax Hackley Wins 2017 Eisenhower Fitness Award

Master personal trainer and champion bodybuilder Fairfax Hackley has been named the United States Sports Academy’s 2017 Dwight David Eisenhower Fitness Award winner. Hackley was...

College Students Should Make Time for Exercise

Even though college can feel quite overwhelming for many students with the new lifestyle changes, moving out of home, new friends, parties and of...

USA Weightlifting Unveils Nationwide Athlete Development Camps

USA Weightlifting announced the launch of nationwide athlete development camps in an effort to identify the country's rising stars within the sport. Led by regional...

Should You do Crossfit While Marathon Training?

Running a marathon is a grueling endeavor that only the best athletes can perform. But training can be even more grueling than any competition,...

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