No New WADA Labs for Europe or North America

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has served notice that no additional anti-doping laboratories will be approved over the next five years in either Europe...

The Financial Grim Reaper is Knocking on the NCAA Door

California recently became the first state in the U.S. to pass legislation designed to provide some legal rights and protection for college athletes. The...

Alan Hubbard: Sport Needs to Stop Blowing Hot and Cold Over Where It Holds...

Back in 1968, just before the start of the Olympic Games in searingly hot, uncomfortably high altitude Mexico City, the late Chris Brasher sounded...

Prescription Drugs Number 1 Drug Killer in America

The Digest recently posted a story about a research study on the increase in the occurrence of knee osteoarthritis among older Americans.  The gist...

This Isn’t Max and Leo in Rio by the Sea

The World Health Organization is an arm of the United Nations, the international body which among its members includes the International Olympic Committee as...

Should Pitchers Use Weighted Ball Training Methods?

By Alex Ling | Throughout baseball, the one thing that has come to the forefront of the baseball...

Qatar’s National Sport Day to Feature Weight Losing Competition

Qatar's National Sport Day, due to take place later this month, will feature the launch of a new, countrywide weight losing competition designed to...

Chip Kelly is Latest Successful Coach to Skate Free of NCAA Harm

Congratulations, Chip Kelly. You’re Pete Carroll without the national titles. You both took over an elite program in the Pac-12 – Carroll at USC,...

Collins,Tebow And The Media

This cartoon is a comment not so much on either Tebow or Collins but, rather, on the media and the culture we live with...

Stress Fractures in Sports

By Dr. Les Dutko, Ed.D, LAT, ATC WHAT IS A STRESS FRACTURE? As we exercise and through everyday living activity a certain amount of bone tissue is...

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