So Maybe Charity Does Begin at Home?

The breaking story written by Jay Bookman in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution was just too good not to post and follow. As many of us already know,...

UCI Strips Armstrong of Seven Tour de France Titles as McQuaid Remains Defiant

Lance Armstrong has been officially stripped of his seven Tour de France titles by the International Cycling Union (UCI) but President of the body...

Communication is Key to Managing Sport-Related Concussions

A concussion is an injury to the most complex part of the human body that is best served by clinical experience and best treated...

An Interview with Domenico Scala on FIFA’s Future

“The biggest challenge at FIFA is the way FIFA is organized,” insists Domenico Scala, chairman of the FIFA Audit and Compliance Committee, in an...

Pressure on for McQuaid and Verbruggen to Resign from UCI following Armstrong Serial Doping...

Pressure is growing on International Cycling Union (UCI) President Pat McQuaid and his predecessor Hein Verbruggen to resign in the wake of the Lance...

USADA’s Overwhelming Case against Lance Armstrong

Recently at my kids’ school, at the outdoor amphitheater with the sun shining bright in the brilliant blue of an October California morning  sky,...

NHL Owners’ Lockout

The National Hockey League's (NHL) owners' lockout of players is a rather fascinating multi-layered story. The NHL will not have a preseason this autumn....

Concussion Rate Remains Steady

Recent information collected by the NCAA’s Injury Surveillance Program indicates that the rate of football related concussions has remained steady over an eight-year period,...

2020 Olympic Games Bidding Problems

Unless there are radical shifts during the next 11 months, political and financial, in Europe, in the Middle East and East Asia, the International...

UCI President Criticizes USADA Over Delay in Armstrong Evidence

A major row over the decision to ban Lance Armstrong is developing between the International Cyling Union (UCI) and the United States Anti-Doping Agency...

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