Concussion Expert Calls For Comprehensive Study to Finally Reveal Truth about Youth Head Trauma

Dr. Robert Cantu, one of the leading experts on concussions, has proposed several tough steps to protect children from damaging blows to the head...

So Just Where is the NCAA Today: South Beach vs. Indianapolis

By now, every collegiate sports fan in America, and perhaps in the world, is aware of the decision by the NCAA to assess the...

Williams ‘Devastated and Heartbroken’ after Accident Leads to Man’s Death

Venus Williams has spoken for the first time about a car crash she was involved in which led to the death of a 78-year-old...

NCAA Needs to Re-Evaluate How To Explain College Sports

NCAA Should Just Send Out a Flak Instead of Emmert to Explain How College Sports Should Work  Perhaps the time has come for the presidents,...

Armour: Notre Dame on Notice Again with Lawsuit Involving Football Player

Notre Dame isn’t yet on Baylor’s level when it comes to callous indifference and blind negligence to the safety of women on its campus. The...

Armstrong Ready to “Confess” to Doping Claims Report

Lance Armstrong is poised to perform one of the best remarkable U-turns in the history of sport and admit that he used banned performance-enhancing...

Tough Week for Two College Football Programs

It's been a fiery week for a couple of college football players and programs, and ethical obligations and academic misconduct are at the heart...

Judge Rebukes Nassar after He Claims Listening to His Victims is Too Difficult

Larry Nassar, the disgraced former USA Gymnastics doctor accused of sexually abusing more than 100 women and girls, has been blasted by a judge after...

Fantasy sports & gambling

The Attorney General of Texas Ken Paxton recently issued an opinion, non-binding but very persuasive, that fantasy sports is a game of chance and...

Utah ‘Failed’ Its Student-Athletes, So Why Does AD Chris Hill Keep His Job?

An investigation into allegations of abuse within the University of Utah swimming program has ended, and school president David Pershing declared last Tuesday that...

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