Brazil’s Rousseff Removed From Office After Senate Votes for impeachment

Dilma Rousseff has been officially removed as Brazil’s President a week before the Paralympic Games get underway in Rio de Janeiro after she suffered...

Is Anyone Protecting Youth Football Players?

While Congress and the National Football League battle over the league's reluctance to fund a study on brain injuries that might have been caused...

Rio 2016 Ticket Probe Widened as Brazilian Police Name New Suspect and Claim Cartan...

Brazilian police investigating ticketing touting at last month's Olympic Games here widened their search today when they named the Olympic Council of Ireland (OCI)...

Rowbottom: Manchester, a City United, as Sport and Life Embrace in Grief

Within a few minutes of Manchester United’s victory in the Europa League final, the official Manchester City website tweeted a graphic that said everything...

Security In Spotlight at 2014 Boston Marathon

"Watched my dad come up Boylston as I stood outside the Lenox Hotel. We high fived as he passed and then once he made...

Will Political Correctness Ruin Interscholastic Athletics?

By Dr. Matthew Williams | The last few years have witnessed a dramatic emergence of political correctness in...

IOC make $50,000 donation to giant panda breeding centre in China

The International Olympic Committee has made a donation of $50,000 (£35,000/€44,000) to a giant panda breeding centre in Sichuan Province in China. The money has...

Athletes are Cattle, Meat on the Hook and Pawns

Is there any real reason to watch the Rio Olympics?  The World Anti-Doping Agency, a guardian of sports funded partially by taxpayer's money from...

Nightengale: Will Growth of MLB’s Black Population Continue?

By Bob Nightengale | It’s certainly not worth celebrating, but Major League Baseball has at least made back the loss of African American players that...

The Stars of the Show Need to Get Paid

The college 2016-2017 sports year is officially underway and the train that drives college sports is back on the track. Football. Some of the...

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