Communication is Key to Managing Sport-Related Concussions

A concussion is an injury to the most complex part of the human body that is best served by clinical experience and best treated...

Concussion might cost NFL’s helmet maker big time

A concussion settlement could be in play for NFL helmet maker Riddell, The Post has learned. The federal judge in Philadelphia overseeing the settlement between...

Possible Major New Tool Developed in War on Concussions

There has been a rush over the past two years by people who have a role in football to try and come up with...

Armour: What the NFL Must Do to Find Flaws in Concussion Protocol

The NFL’s best intentions aren’t enough. Houston Texans quarterback Tom Savage has effectively been ruled out of this weekend’s game after a complete failure of...

Morrall’s Tragic CTE-Related Decline

No one questioned Earl Morrall's ability as a communicator, but if they had, there were 10 witnesses who could have testified he knew what...

Doctoral Teaching Assistantships at Academy Offer Leg Up in Sports Career

Working on major research grants in the Human Performance Lab. Teaching physical education and scholastic sport overseas in Malaysia. Rubbing elbows with visiting sports...

High School Football an Endangered Species

School boards have begun work getting budgets in place for the new 2012-13 school year. The people who do the budgets and the people...

The football industry denying the football-brain damage link grew in 2015

Jerry Jones has spoken and the Dallas Cowboys owner doesn't think there is a link between playing football and players getting brain injuries and...

C+ is Not a Passing Grade for Youth Sports Safety

Is a C+ a good grade?  According to the Youth Sports Safety Alliance (YSSA) spearheaded by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA), Americans are...

It’s Time to KO Concussions

Editor’s Note.  This is one in a series of articles posted on The Sport Digest blog in recent weeks.  The Digest will continue to...

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