Armour: Crosby Takes the Fall for NHL’s Failed Procedures

The NHL has done Sidney Crosby no favors. The Pittsburgh Penguins star again finds himself answering questions after Monday's playoff game against the Washington Capitals about...

Football Concussions Remain a Dire Problem

By Evan Weiner | The concussion issue seemingly has been on the back burner during the 2018 football season. Not much has been said although...

Concussions: You Will Get Over it Son

The football season is underway on just about every level in the United States, from young boys and some girls playing youth football to...

Head Trauma News

The ongoing scrutiny of whether concussions are a football culture-induced, needlessly dangerous risk or injuries that are "just part of the game" continues.Some recent...

Mayo Clinic and King-Devick Test Under Agreement For Sideline Concussion Testing

In 2011, Dr. Steve Devick, developer of the King-Devick Test, came to the United States Sports Academy to give a seminar on sport-related concussions....

Mayo Clinic researchers validate rapid sideline concussion test for youth athletes

A rapid, easy-to-administer eye movement test is showing great promise as a sideline concussion test for youth sports, a Mayo Clinic study finds. In the...

Rinkside Test Accurately Helps Detect Professional Ice Hockey Team’s Concussions in Minutes

A simple test performed at the rink side of the National Hockey League's Philadelphia Flyers Hockey team accurately detected concussions in athletes, according to...

Not a Good Week for Football

Another football brain injury study came out this week which should give parents cause to worry about sending their children under the age of...

Will a Crumpling Helmet Make Football Safer?

As concerns about concussions continue to grow, especially around football, companies and policy makers have been looking for ways to make the game safer. One...

Concussions May Soon Be Evaluated Immediately Upon Impact

The next great breakthrough in concussion prevention may have been unveiled during an episode of Jeopardy! five years ago.  In 2011, IBM signed up its new...

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