Is the Concussion Issue Catching up to the NCAA?

For some reason the concussion leading to brain damage issue has not been a National Collegiate Athletic Association problem, as it has become for...

Concussion Research Can’t Be Ignored

Ann McKee is a neruopatholigist and a leading brain concussion researcher.  When asked how she’d advise her 19-year-old son if he was offered a...

Study Suggests Link Between Concussion and Mental Health Problems

New research suggests former professional sports players who experience concussion are more likely to report mental health problems than those who have not suffered...

Rest or No Rest After a Concussion? Must-Know FAQs

Unfortunate advice passed down over the decades has many people believing they already know about concussions, including whether or not rest after sustaining the...

Study Shows Female Athletes Suffer ‘Significantly Higher’ Concussion Rate

Female athletes, in particular soccer players, suffer concussions at a "significantly higher" rate than their male counterparts, according to a study released this month...

We Need to Listen to Our Young People

Like most kids with raw talent, Eli began his athletic career playing catch in the yard. It was clear from his earliest days he...

Nightengale: Bo Jackson’s Startling Hindsight: ‘I Would Have Never Played Football’

Bo Jackson, the world’s greatest living athlete, and the only man to be an All-Star in baseball and a Pro Bowler in football, now...

Concussion Rate Remains Steady

Recent information collected by the NCAA’s Injury Surveillance Program indicates that the rate of football related concussions has remained steady over an eight-year period,...

United States Sports Academy Tackling Concussions in Southern Alabama Community

Sport-related concussions are receiving a significant amount of attention in professional sports and have become one of the main topics of discussion in sports...

The King-Devick Test: The Missing Link to Practical Management of Concussions

One of the most discussed and controversial issues occurring in the sport today is that of concussions and its head-banging blow to young athletes...

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