Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Northern Iowa blew a big lead, but don’t feel bad for them

It will go down as one of the greatest comebacks in NCAA men’s basketball tournament history.  With 44 seconds remaining in regulation, #11 Northern...

“March Madness” NCAA basketball tournament will cause more than a billion dollars in lost...

The “March Madness” NCAA basketball tournament will cause more than a billion dollars in lost business productivity. While TV analyst estimate that TV advertising spending on...

NCAA and Money, March Madness

Should American companies allow their workers to use the workplace to watch the Thursday and Friday afternoon games in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament....

Students or Athletes or Unpaid Workers?

And so March Madness begins with the very important people, the selection committee sending student-athletes all over the country in the next week with...

Arne Duncan: To transform the NCAA, hit where it hurts — the pockets

Arne Duncan was just a year into his secretaryship of the U.S. department of education in January 2010 when he parachuted into an NCAA...

NCAA Board of Governors approves contract extension for President Emmert

The NCAA Board of Governors has unanimously voted to extend NCAA President Mark Emmert’s contract for an additional three years. The action extends Emmert’s...

Big 12 paid out $9.4 million less to schools than SEC in 2014-15

The Big 12's average payout to its full-sharing members in 2014-15 was $23.3 million, which was $9.4 million less than what SEC schools received...

How the Golden State Warriors are influencing college basketball

Eric Musselman recalls a time when NBA players doing elaborate two-ball dribbling drills before a game would elicit laughter. "I can vividly remember being in...

Women’s Basketball Webinar Featuring Best Practices and Prep for the Postseason

The 2015-16 season is flying by so quickly that it’s hard to keep up with all of the creative ideas being implemented on campus....

Division II Management Council recommends sponsorship of three proposals for 2017

As Division II members prepare to vote Saturday on eight proposals, the Division II Management Council kicked off the 2016 NCAA Convention by looking...

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