Viva Las Vegas? NHL

The question to expand or not to expand for National Hockey League owners will be answered shortly after Pittsburgh or San Jose skates away...

National Hockey League signed its commissioner to a new contract

“Bad news for Gary Bettman’s haters: it doesn’t sound like he’s hanging up the loafers anytime soon,” writes James O’Brien on his ProHockey Talk...

NHL history before 1945

The sports book Joining the Clubs: The Business of the National Hockey League to 1945 (2015) discusses the business history of the sport, with...

Gordie was One of a Kind

Gordie Howe used to laugh about all the legendary stories, some true and some imagined about him as a hockey player including the Gordie...

Helmet Cameras to reduce Referee abuse in Hockey

Hockey Officials in the amateur leagues increasingly wear body cameras for the same reason police do: to record the official's point-of-view and document actions for later...

NHL Playoff first round matchups

Just in case you are wondering why a professor form the United States Sports Academy in Daphne Alabama would be writing about the NHL...

Best All-Time St. Louis Blues Team in NHL History

You miss 100% of the shots you never take.  –Wayne Gretzky The St. Louis Blues were established in 1967 and are starting the NHL playoffs...

Customers Matter in NHL Expansion Bid

Earlier this week a former National Hockey League player Georges Laraque who is now a radio announcer in Montreal told his listeners that it...

US Paralmypics launch American Development Model to help athletes reach full potential

US Paralympics has launched an American Development Model (ADM) for Paralympic Sport which aims to help athletes reach their full potential. The five-stage model has...

ESPN says so, must be true

According to Scott Burnside of ESPN, the relocation of the New York Islanders franchise to Brooklyn from suburban Nassau County has been a disaster....

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