Armour: It Took Losing Control to get Alabama Back on Course

One of Nick Saban’s mantras is “Control what you can control,” a phrase his Alabama players didn’t fully appreciate until they couldn’t control anything. For...

Sitting Out the Conference Championship Bonus

When is not playing an advantage? The answer is the Power Five Conference Championship games. These games pit the winners of each of the...

College Football Playoffs Set: Clemson, Oklahoma, Georgia and Alabama

After a see-saw end to the college football season in which Auburn University defeated number one Georgia and number one Alabama, only to lose...

For Every Action, There is a Reaction

When are athletes going to learn that for every action they take that there will be a reaction from others? The latest incident with...

Baker Mayfield and the Death of Sportsmanship

There was an interesting series of incidents involving quarterback Baker Mayfield at the recent Oklahoma v. Kansas football game that speaks to both the...

Armour: Notre Dame on Notice Again with Lawsuit Involving Football Player

Notre Dame isn’t yet on Baylor’s level when it comes to callous indifference and blind negligence to the safety of women on its campus. The...

College Madness not Limited to March

Another college football season is upon us, bringing with it both unmitigated excitement and a spate of articles decrying the academic malfeasance of several...

ESPN and Robert Lee: Abject Stupidity or Genius Publicity?

ESPN roused the ire of the internet when it reassigned a play-by-play announcer, Robert Lee, for the Virginia vs William & Mary football game...

It’s. About. To go. Down.

I am convinced that residents in the southeastern region of the US are going for an all-time high this year. Apparently, this has been...

Armour: Sports Idols are Made to Fall and Freeze is the Latest to Crash

There’s a reason saints aren’t canonized until long after they’ve died. The swift downfall of Hugh Freeze is yet another reminder that sports figures are...

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