Suffering from CTE, Former NFL Players Turn to Stem Cells

The first time he tried to recruit Tony Dorsett, Jackie Sherrill barely could get in the same room with him. It was the early 1970s....

Identifying the Right Video Surveillance Technology for Your Stadium

The award-winning, $1 million video surveillance system at MetLife Stadium features more than 130 megapixel cameras with a range of features including dual H.264/JPEG...

Atos and Panasonic to jointly-develop technology-based solutions at Tokyo 2020

International Olympic Committee (IOC) TOP sponsors Atos and Panasonic will combine to jointly develop technology-based solutions for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games,...

FAW-Volkswagen car manufacturer announces official sponsorship of Chinese basketball

The FAW-Volkswagen car manufacturer has entered a pivotal position across the flagship properties in Chinese basketball, according to an agreement orchestrated by the Swiss Infront Sports...

Swimming-pool operators turn to ultraviolet light as sanitizer

Public swimming pools are increasingly turning to ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and other pathogens that chlorine doesn’t always catch. Sanitizing pool water with UV...

Adidas reduces 2014 income outlook by 26 percent

Plagued by sagging sales in its TaylorMade-Adidas Golf unit and troubles in Russia caused by the political and socio-economic tensions there, the German Adidas Ag...

Introducing endurance sports to digital advertising

As triathletes, one professionally in the past and the other because she's clearly a glutton for torture in her free time, Holden Comeau and...

Nike reports net income up by 5 percent

Nike reports its net income rose 5 percent to 698 million US$ from 662 million for the final quarter ended May 31 as strong gross...

NBC Olympics Coverage in Sochi Record-setting

With nearly 1,600 hours of coverage from the Sochi Olympics, NBC Universial will set a Winter Games record, according to an announcement by NBC Olympics. NBC reports...

International Olympic TV Network?

Peter Ueberroth cannot help but feel the irony in new International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach’s expressed intention to explore the idea of having...

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