College Faculties and the Seven Deadly Sins

(Editor’s Note:  This article is a counterpoint to one by Dr. Richard Vedder and they are being posted together on this blog. The purpose of a...

College Sports and the Seven Deadly Sins

(Editor’s Note:  This article and a counterpoint by Dr. Arthur Ogden are being posted together on this blog. The purpose of a blog should...

Women Still Have Miles to Travel Before Achieving Equality

The struggles faced by women in attaining equality in the working world have been highlighted recently by two major news stories from the world...

Ethics Prevails Over Wins in Petrino Matter

“Today’s announcement is the culmination of a comprehensive search process that was intended to identify a leader for our football program that would serve...

College Basketball Attendance Under Attack

About one out of every five men’s basketball Division I programs have seen a decline in their average regular season attendance over the past...

UK Sport Welcome Tax Break on Top Sports Stars Competing in Britain

A decision by the Government to relax the tax rules on foreign sports stars competing in Britain in a move aimed at allowing high...

Maximizing Heritage and Economic Impact From Hosting Major Sporting Events

(Editor’s Note: Professor Franco B. Ascani is the President of the Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs and a member of the International Olympic Commission...

A Flawed System for Providing Student-Athletes With Medical Care

Marjorie Albolm is the head of the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA).  She was recently in Washington, D.C. for her group’s annual Capitol Hill...

Business, the Law and the NCAA

(Editor’s Note.  In late January, 2012 the Digest posted an article concerning the lack of due process in NCAA enforcement cases.  This article follows...

Examining New Models in Sports Media

(Editor’s Note. Dr. Janas is an entrepreneur with many interests.  The Sport Digest published another piece by Dr. Janas in December, 2011.  In that...

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