Minnesota Governor Threatens to Undermine Stadium Plan He Helped Push into Motion

In a letter to Vikings ownership, Minnesota governor Mark Dayton has suggested he will torpedo the deal if the Vikings look to pass on costs...

Let the College Football Games Begin: ‘The High Court’ is in Place

Is there anything left for college football which is not an object of criticism? We don’t like “boring” football so we have structured rules which...

NCAA Division I Schools at it Again

An article on this blog a few days ago mentioned that some 125 Division I Schools had petitioned the NCAA to reconsider its August...

The I-Word:Injuries Remain Sport’s Most Frustrating Risk and Reality

Beyond the excitement of one future Olympic host putting a Torch into Space, and another passing the 1,000 days to go barrier, there was...

World Beach Games to be Launched in 2015

Asia has been hosting Beach Games since 2008 with the last sporting event taking place in the Chinese resort city of Haiyang that's on...

IOC Ruling Emerges as New Battleground in Cycling’s Power Struggle

Last week's decision by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) not to add any new disciplines to the program for Rio 2016 has emerged as...

UCI President Criticizes USADA Over Delay in Armstrong Evidence

A major row over the decision to ban Lance Armstrong is developing between the International Cyling Union (UCI) and the United States Anti-Doping Agency...

Squirrels, Acorns, and Sports

Ever heard of squirrels being used as a team mascot?  Neither had I until I did a brief search on the internet.  I was...

NCAA Rule Changes May Cause More Problems Than They Solve

The NCAA Board of Directors approved a package of “common sense” revisions of the voluminous NCAA Rulebook at its recent annual convention in Grapevine,...

Fighting Increasingly Mars High School Football

For high schools across the country one of the most exciting times of the year has arrived. November is the month when the football...

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