Class Action uses in Sports Law

Why use class actions in sports law litigation? Class actions are civil legal actions where many people seek some form of relief for common...

How JFK’s Signature Changed the NFL, American Sports

  Historians and people who lived during the Kennedy Assassination 50 years ago today are spending the day reflecting on the brief presidency of John...

Sports Professions Continue to Grow

The growth of sports competition for quality personnel is driving a greater demand for people with coaching and related specialized skills, creating greater opportunity...

The Pay Gap Between Men’s and Women’s Sports Lives on 40 Years After Title...

Women’s college sports have changed enormously since the adoption of Title IX in 1972. More teams are being fielded and more athletes are participating,...

Strategic Management in Sports

By Dr. Tomi Wahlström | Sport, as a field and industry, is rapidly changing. Therefore, there is an increased need for strategic management to adjust to...

Nelson Mandela Used Sports To Heal a Racially Divided South Africa

The history books seldom, if at all, mention Nelson Mandela with sports. However, Charles P. Korr, a history professor emeritus at the University of Missouri-St....

Fall Fun – Training Techniques for Falling Safely

This article has nothing to do with seasons per se, but it does relate directly to falling, which unfortunately does occur at all seasons...

Augusta National Slowly Changing its Discriminatory Tradition

The problem with Augusta National Golf Club’s long history of discrimination against women and minorities is that it becomes a very public place for...

Tough Choices: Hit High Or Low on Tackle?

There are a myriad of choices and decisions players and coaches make during a football game -- we all know that. Today, college and...

The Rocky Road that is Minor League Basketball

(Editor’s Note.  Readers may remember the American Basketball Association (ABA) that operated between 1967 and 1976 before merging with the National Basketball Association (NBA). ...

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