Thursday, December 2, 2021
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The Presidential Impact on Society Through Sport

By Evan Weiner | It is President’s Day. The chief executive of the United States has an impact on just about every facet of...

Insurance Companies Are a Problem for NFL

By Evan Weiner | The National Football League’s 2019-2020 season officially starts in a month, on March 13. But the league and officials at...

How Do You Land a Super Bowl? Start With Cash

By Evan Weiner | Suppose you are a politician and you have a National Football League franchise within your district, city, or state and...

Nassar Scandal, College Basketball Corruption Top U.S. 2018 Sports Stories

By Evan Weiner | It’s time to say goodbye to 2018. But before anyone goes, it probably is worth looking at the top "politics...

Almost All is Quiet on the Christmas Eve Sports Docket

By Evan Weiner | It is Christmas Eve and in the sports world, it is pretty quiet or supposed to be quiet. The National...

Football Concussions Remain a Dire Problem

By Evan Weiner | The concussion issue seemingly has been on the back burner during the 2018 football season. Not much has been said although...

Will it be Trick or Treat for Angels Fans?

By Evan Weiner | It is trick or treat time for the city of Anaheim as the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim ownership has decided...

MLB, NBA Want a Slice of Sports Betting Money

By Evan Weiner | Major League Baseball has not given up on collecting an integrity fee from states that offer legalized sports gambling. MLB executive...

The MLS is Watching the San Diego Election Day Stadium Vote

By Evan Weiner | Election Day is coming up soon and there are two stadium proposals on the ballot in San Diego that definitely have...

Government Support is Essential for Sports Owners and Organizers

By Evan Weiner | Former National Basketball Association Commissioner David Stern once said that a successful sports franchise needed three things: Local government support, a...
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