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MRSA - Attacking Athletes Everywhere

Athletes are facing an attack from a new competitor. This competitor can be deadly. This competitor is called MRSA – Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Bacteria – commonly known as “Staph Infection”.

Today it seems that athletes have a new opponent to contend with and it is not another athlete from an opposing team. This nasty bacteria does not respond to commonly prescribed antibiotics and attacks the body fast. According to infectious-disease experts from the CDC – this germ is as tough and resilient as the athletes it attacks.

Some of the sports most heavily hit by this attack are the contact sports that are often plagued by skin abrasions such as football, wrestling and rugby. But this infection can be found across the board in ALL sports.

The key to management and protection is early recognition and prevention through proper education. Sports administrators, coaches, and parents need to learn what to look for and how to help protect their athletes and children. Athletes need to report skin infections and abnormal findings to their athletic healthcare providers. The majority of the MRSA cases are routine skin infections that can be easily treated. Problems occur when the infections are misdiagnosed or disregarded and never treated.

Healthcare Tips for Management & Prevention