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Book Review: The Ultimate Runner

If you like to run, no matter how far, fast or often; or if you have simply thought about running, this is the book for you. It literally will keep you moving and if you have not started on the running path yet, the stories shared in the book are sure to inspire you. Every person who runs got started for a different reason, whether to get in shape, compete in a race for a cause, or spend time with a loved one who runs or to lose some unwanted pounds, the stories are different, but the end result is the same, running.

"The Ultimate Runner" also provides must-know information to help you stay healthy and keep your body strong throughout your running experiences. From injury prevention to treatment professionals in the field share what they have learned from a lifetime of treating and being runners. Listening to your body is a critical component of running and the experts share their secrets for doing this along with tips for the future marathoner, nutrition for all runners, and special pointers for women. "The Ultimate Runner" is the complete runner's bible, both inspirational and informative regardless of your level of experience with the sport.