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Book Review: Sport First Aid

One does not have to dig out a tremendous amount of research to realize injuries among young athletes are on the rise. The headings of articles in Sports Magazines and Sports Medicine Journals say it all. Sport Safety and First Aid have become concepts that can’t be taken lightly. With legal liability issues being of major concern – Sport Safety and First Aid have become primary concepts that need to be addressed by all who are responsible for the coaching and training of young athletes today.

Flegel has put together a great first aid guide for coaches that is straight to the point, and covers the basic protocols needed for the prevention and care of sports injuries from the American Heart Association and the American Safety & Health Institute. “Sport First Aid: A coach’s guide to the care and prevention of athletics injuries” is directed at teaching coaches the basics in caring for young athletes. The lay out of the book is easy to navigate thru with “Chapter Learning Objectives for each chapter up front, great charts and pictures that support the content, and a “Chapter Replay” at the end to summarize the important details of the chapters thru interactive short-answer questions.

“Sport First Aid: A coach’s guide to the care and prevention of athletics injuries” features guidelines for CPR/AED, the latest information on developing an emergency plan, basic sport first aid skills, first aid for sport specific injuries, protocol for controlling bleeding and MRS, information on proper training and conditioning, and planning for weather; along with an expanded section on performance-enhancing drugs and steroids. It is a “must have” resource for all coaches and any coaching educational program.