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Being Unfit and Unhealthy Now an Epidemic

Unless you have been stranded on a deserted island for the last year surely you have heard all of the news lately released on CNN, newspapers, magazines and the radio about the state of our nation in regards to our health. Every week a new article on obesity, type II diabetes, coronary heart disease, children’s weight-related health problems, and other medical problems related to being sedentary comes out. Diabetes has recently been at the forefront with the blame being squarely placed on children and teenagers eating too much junk food and not getting enough exercise.

Diet after diet has failed to cure the obesity rates of America. Week after week a new diet book hits the local bookstore shelf offering promises to cure our ever expanding waistlines with a certain way, time, and/or food to eat. America is simply looking for a diet to counteract its sedentary lifestyle. In other words, we want a diet that is fun to eat and makes us slim, all the while requiring no exercise. Folks that will never happen. I have said it time after time but the fact remains the same. The human body is made to move and be active and when it isn’t problems soon arise. Exercise is necessary not only to keep our waistlines in check but our heart, bones and muscles strong giving our bodies the strength and endurance necessary to face the challenges of each day. Many people falsely think that just because they are not fat they do not need any exercise. Ask any coroner and he or she will tell you that skinny people die every day from heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and other hypokinetc (low-movement) diseases. The real sad fact is the number of children today that contract heart problems as early as age six, simply because of being overweight or obese due to inactivity and a poor diet.

Most schools in the United States do not require physical education and soft drinks and pizza are the average food fare for today’s youngster at school. Adults eat just as much junk food especially during lunch and weekend times. Computers, leaf blowers, weed-whackers and other modern electronic devices have taken most of the physical work out of today’s society. The older generations think that they (or their children/grandchildren) don’t have to exercise because they didn’t have to growing up back in the 50’s or 60’s. Today’s times are much different and you and your children MUST exercise and eat right to live a long, healthy life and get the most of what your body has to offer.

We tend to push things to the limit that weren’t really meant for it like our cars, bills, and relationships. Why not push (with exercise) the one thing that was meant for it, your body? You’ll reap the benefits in the form of a stronger, healthier, happier you.