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Summer Universiade a ‘Wonderful Advertisement’ for Taipei, Says Matytsin

Summer Universiade a ‘Wonderful Advertisement’ for Taipei, Says Matytsin
Chinese Taipei's weightlifter Kuo Hsing-chun, left, and German javelin thrower Andreas Hofmann both gave positive feedback on the Universiade before the Closing Ceremony. Photo: Taipei 2017

International University Sport Federation (FISU) President Oleg Matytsin has claimed the Summer Universiade has been a wonderful advert for Taipei.

Matytsin made the remarks at the final press conference of Taipei 2017, which took place prior to the Closing Ceremony.

“Two weeks ago, we started our event and we were dreaming of a successful event,” he said.

“I believe these two weeks have been really exciting and there has been so much to enjoy.

“There have been some wonderful stories.

“The sport competition here has been a great success.

“Our athletes came here from all over the world and they found excellent conditions for sport.

“Here in Taipei the competition venues were some of the best FISU has ever seen.

“The best performances have come when the venues are filled with spectators.

“We have seen that in every sport here.

“This has gone above sport, it has been about values.

“This Universiade has been a wonderful advert for Taipei.”

The FISU President offered his praise to the Organizing Committee for their efforts in hosting the Universiade, which officially began with the Opening Ceremony on August 19.

It was also reflected that there was a high level of competition at the multi-sport event, which included world records in weightlifting and archery, as well as Universiade records.

Kuo Hsing-chun set the world record in the women’s 58 kilograms weightlifting event, with the home favorite joined by German javelin thrower Andreas Hofmann.

Both Kuo and Hofmann, the men’s javelin silver medalist, hailed the efforts of the crowd and the organisation of the event.

Their view was reflected by Taipei 2017 chief executive Li-Chung Su, who thanked FISU for their support and welcomed the idea of hosting future events run by the organisation.

“In just 10 hours, the flame that shined over Taipei Stadium during the past 12 days will be extinguished, and we would like to take every opportunity to express our deepest appreciation to every athlete, every referee, every staff, ever volunteer and every audience member for your participation in all capacity during the period,” Su said.

“We specifically want to thank you all for bearing with us, an inexperienced Organizing Committee.

“To all the athletes, you have demonstrated the sportsmanship in its highest level as you performed in one of your most important tournaments in your career on this land full of passion.

“The Univerisade is never a one-time event, the connection among people will last forever.

“Taipei has been brought to the world through the eyes of international athletes as we see in footage on social media.

“I would like to welcome back FISU in the future and we hope we will be able to host one of your events in the future.”

While offering a positive assessment of the organisation, Matytsin acknowledged that the organisation would work on determining whether lessons could be learned from the tennis competition.

A number of players were seen to have been struggling in the hot and humid conditions of Taipei.

Matytsin suggested FISU could look at the scheduling of tennis tournaments in the future to ensure heat would not become a factor.

By Michael Pavitt

Republished with permission from insidethegames.biz


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