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You Tell Me…

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Parks and Recreation Magazine is the official publication of the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA). Interestingly, the March issue of this magazine introduced several diverse content features that put a spark to my mind – and got me wondering – how people think. For example, the Law Review section examined the application of firearms regulations in parks and recreation areas. Recent cases from Delaware, Ohio, and Pennsylvania suggest a fairly wide range of differences of interpretation regarding application of state laws and constitutional limits.

Which of course, sparked those questions in my mind…

As well as a whole new level of additional questions – all which are good for pondering, especially if someone is stuck – in traffic, or – in a rut, or – in a pattern of behavior…

Pondering such additional questions is good for keeping the senses keen. Perhaps keeping the senses keen is important for doing one’s job well, yeah? But, we’ll get to those additional questions in a moment – first, let’s look at the questions that get sparked from those law cases…

Which is heavier, a ton of feathers or a ton of bricks?

No, no, no. Don’t try to answer that one. That question just came randomly from the party in my head…

But it may be helpful for me to clarify – the answer is – they weigh the same. Both are a ton. Silly me – everybody knows that…

And wait, wait – we were talking about guns in parks – this is serious business. Please forgive me for trying to blunt the edge of that serious.

So now, you tell me…

Would you rather not have a gun when you need it – or, not need a gun when you have it?

Hmmm, now, what would you say might be special circumstances? Shouldn’t at least somebody have a gun? Or should no one have a gun – in a park? Can anybody guarantee that nobody will have a gun in the park? Hmm…

So you see it, right? Various jurisdictions have various rules and regulations on this. What works in one recreation area, may very well not work in another – even if those two places are within the boundaries of the same state!

By the way, if you are traveling, and you want to use guns – please be sure to find out the state firearms laws of all states where you’ll be – ok? We square on that?


Quickly now, before we wrap up…those “additional questions…”

Staying with guns for a moment…you tell me…

How many guns are fired in a 21-gun salute?

Yep – seven (7) – fired three (3) times.

Similar…when was the war of 1812?

Yep. 1812 – 1815.

Similar to those previous questions…

Is it better to ask for people’s feedback and suggestions – and then summarily ignore everything they tell you, — or is it better to just get on with telling everybody what to do?

Asked another way, that questions is – would you rather that people ask you for your feedback and then ignore everything you tell them, or would you just rather they not bother you with it?

You tell me…

By Dr. Rodney J. Blackman

Dr. Rodney J. Blackman is the Chair of Recreation Management at the United States Sports Academy, and can be reached at rblackman@ussa.edu.

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