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Weird and Obscure Sports Rules

Graphic: Sports Betting Online

As someone who passionately follows sports, it was with laughter and great pleasure that I ran across information that is quirky and useful as sports trivia.

The context of the information points to the fact that all sports are governed by a set of rules and regulations for each of their sport competition. As such there are some rules that are unusual and unfamiliar to athletes, coaches and those of us who watch and follow sports. The following list of 12 unusual sporting rules is provided by Sports Betting Online.

This is not an endorsement of Sports Betting online, it’s an acknowledgement that the information obtained for the writing of this article is attributed correctly to the source it was obtained.

Sometimes it’s good to know unusual information. Who knows, you just might be able to answer a trivia question regarding unusual sports rules. It is always better to be prepared to answer the question and know that you have the right answer. sport-laws-1 sport-laws-2 sport-laws-3 sport-laws-4

By Dr. Fred J. Cromartie

Dr. Fred J. Cromartie, is the Director of Doctoral Studies at the United States Sports Academy, and can be reached at cromarti@ussa.edu.

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