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Thank You for Taking a Stance

The Monsignor Martin High School Athletic Association announced the disciplinary action taken in the wake of Friday night’s Timon-St. Joe’s brawl. Photo: Harry Scull Jr./Buffalo News

It is refreshing to hear about the stance that the Monsignor Martin High School Athletic Association has taken regarding the brawl during last week’s game by the two teams in their association.

The association has ruled the game as a double forfeit, meaning both schools will receive a loss for the game. The game was suspended last week because both teams began to brawl after one teams quarterback was knocked out of bounds near the other team’s bench. Pushing and shoving ensued, both benches cleared, and some spectators came on to the field. Rather than deal with all the chaos the game was suspended by the officials and reported to the governing body.

There is no indication of how many players and coaches will be impacted by the discipline handed out to both teams. This is also refreshing to hear because typically the media wants to give a report on all the punishments from the incident. Administrators from both schools have refused to provide the information to the media for once. This is not something that players and coaches should be proud of and the administrators are making sure all are protected from further scrutiny.

Of course, in today’s day and age, there is a video of the incident. This became a national story because a well-known college quarterback is the brother of the quarterback who was knocked out of bounds and pushed and shoved around. The brother was one of the spectators who came on to the field during the melee.

I am of the opinion that this kind of result should happen more often at every level. The only way to put a stop to this type of nonsense is for the administrators or powers that be to step up and dish out appropriate consequences for these actions. If players feel they can get away with this type of behavior it will continue to happen around the country. The sad commentary to this entire situation is that most powers that be would not take the same stance. This can be a very good learning experience for players, parents, fans, coaches, and administrators around the country.

Players at the high school level and above know the difference between right and wrong and should be held accountable when these situations occur. When a player is disciplined for wrong doings it should not be taken to the school board, board of trustees, or the league offices for further discussion. A life lesson should be taught and allow those involved to learn a valuable lesson. There are consequences for poor decisions and inappropriate behavior. Even if it is during a sporting contest.

By Dr. Bret Simmermacher

Dr. Simmermacher is the Chair of Sports Coaching at the United States Sports Academy, and can be reached at bsimmer@ussa.edu

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